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Mission Overview

Today’s operators demand the ability to easily switch between missions to meet the needs of dynamic mission environments. Textron Aviation aircraft are engineered to be flexible and accommodating to meet a number of mission specific challenges. From complex surveillance equipment to basic passenger and cargo transport, aircraft can be quickly and easily reconfigured. Make the most out of your next aircraft purchase. Any mission…anywhere.

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Multi Mission Ready Aircraft


  • Grand Caravan EX
  • King Air 360ER
  • Grand Caravan EX

    The Cessna Grand Caravan EX was engineered to excel in many roles, with high payload capability and single-engine simplicity. The easily reconfigurable cabin allows for an array of mission equipment that can be quickly installed and removed using the existing seat tracks. Multiple missions, one aircraft, the Grand Caravan EX does it all.

    • Multiple seating options
    • Large cargo doors
    • Variety of approved mission configurations
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    Maximum Cruise Speed 195 ktas (361 km/h)
    Maximum Range 964 nm (1,785 km)
    Takeoff Distance 2,160 ft (658 m)
    Landing Distance 1,871 ft (570 m)
    Maximum Operating Altitude 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
    Maximum Climb Rate 1,330 fpm (405 mpm)
  • King Air 360ER

    The BEECHCRAFT 360ER aircraft offers a flexible, reconfigurable interior, making it equally adept at accommodating passengers, cargo, medical patients and a range of other payloads. It’s no surprise that businesses and governments worldwide choose Textron Aviation when they need an aircraft that can do it all. With the King Air 360ER aircraft you’ll stay ahead of the competition, no matter what the mission calls for.

    • Factory seat tracks used for most mission equipment
    • Optional vinyl interior for added durability
    • Approved for unimproved and gravel runways
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    Maximum Cruise Speed 303 ktas (561 km/h)
    Maximum Range 2,539 nm (4,702 km)
    Takeoff Field Length 4,057 ft (1,237 m)
    Landing Distance 2,980 ft (908 m)
    Maximum Operating Altitude 35,000 ft (10,668 m)
    Maximum Climb Rate 2,400 fpm (732 mpm)