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Textron Aviation stands ready to provide the ideal flight inspection and flight calibration operating aircraft for your mission. Our flight inspection systems have been outfitted with the latest technology in en-route and terminal navigation aids. Whether you require the extended range of border-to-border flight calibration, the payload capacity for extensive onboard test equipment or a dual flight inspection and executive transportation configuration – Textron Aviation can outfit our aircraft to the needs of your flight inspection mission.

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Flight Inspection Ready Aircraft


  • King Air 260
  • King Air 360ER
  • Citation XLS+
  • King Air 260

    The KING AIR turboprop family is operated by flight inspection organizations all over the world.  The BEECHCRAFT King Air 260 turboprop can operate out of unimproved runways giving you access to more airports, while maintaining the solid handling characteristics it is known for. Install any major Flight Inspection System (FIS) system and your King Air 260 becomes the precise tool you need for repeatable accuracy.

    • Climate controlled cabin
    • Seating options available for maximum comfort and mission effectiveness
    • Proven King Air dependability
    Learn more at beechcraft.txtav.com
  • King Air 360ER

    The stability and range of the BEECHCRAFT 360ER aircraft make it a preferred flight inspection aircraft, worldwide.  Long flight calibration trips are performed comfortably and with accuracy meeting ICAO, FAA and country specific standards.  With the capacity for any major FIS system, we can tailor the mission suite to your needs.  Fly with confidence in the King Air 360 ER aircraft.

    • High accuracy and repeatability
    • Payload for advanced FIS systems
    • Private aft lavatory
    Learn more at beechcraft.txtav.com


  • Citation XLS+

    With the largest cabin in its class and renowned performance, the Cessna Citation® XLS+® is the ideal aircraft for flight inspection operations. Choose from a range of existing system manufacturers for seat track mounted consoles, dedicated antennas, data link and displays. The XLS+ combines the convenience and comfort of business jet travel with state-of-the-art flight inspection systems to ensure the best approach.

    • Trusted Pro Line 21 Avionics
    • Dedicated FIS Radio
    • Multiple system options
    Learn more at cessna.txtav.com