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Choosing an Aircraft Trainer

Cessna 172 at sunset

Tips for choosing the best manufacturer

Four things to consider when deciding on a training aircraft

Selecting an aircraft also means choosing a manufacturer to work with for as long as you own the airplane. It’s a crucial relationship for your bottom line, because you will rely on that company for the products and services necessary to keep the aircraft airworthy and available for business. This guide will help you narrow your search.

  • Choose a familiar name with longevity in the industry
    To be successful over the long term, training environments need the stability and predictability of access to parts and service. When investing in training aircraft, look for a manufacturer with experience, longevity and long-term proficiency in producing quality aircraft.
    The company’s longevity also affects the aircraft’s resale value. If the manufacturer goes out of business, the aircraft’s resale value plummets. Safeguard the investment by ensuring you will be able to sell or trade the aircraft for a fair price.
  • Choose a manufacturer with financial stability
    A manufacturer with a strong parent company that has robust financial backing and diverse assets is often stronger during economic instability. Even if one market declines, the company is still stable as a whole.
    Working with a financially stable manufacturer ensures parts will be available when you need them, as well as customer service, technical and engineering support, training, maintenance manuals, and other components valuable to aircraft ownership. Few companies have the financial capability to offer these resources over many decades.
  • Choose a manufacturer that understands training
    Not every aircraft is well suited for the training environment. The aircraft take extreme punishment day after day while keeping student pilots feeling secure. Select a manufacturer that understands training’s unique challenges.
  • Choose a manufacturer with turnkey solutions
    For a true expert in training, choose a manufacturer that not only sells the aircraft, but also provides financing, training curricula, simulators and support. The manufacturer should have the connections and capability to find solutions for all of your training needs.