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From Classic to Cutting-Edge: A Guide to Evolving Your Aircraft Cabin

The cabin experience is one of the most personal and unique parts of aircraft ownership. From the overall aesthetic to the finer details, aircraft cabins are intentionally suited for a variety of owners and missions. Cabins have the versatility to serve as in-flight offices, serene havens for relaxation or customized spaces for specialized missions. But it's no secret that missions and tastes change, which may leave owners with questions about how to evolve their aircraft to align with its occupants. The solution is called cabin modernization - a concept utilizing technological advancements and the development of new features to grant owners the opportunity to improve their aircraft as they see fit.

What is cabin modernization?

Cabin modernization, put simply, refers to the process of evolving many aspects of your aircraft cabin using the latest technology and features available. The process is catered specifically to each owner matching personal style and preference. At Textron Aviation, in-house engineers and experienced design teams offering personalized guidance and recommendations. With incomparable manufacturer knowledge and expertise from those who design and build the aircraft, Textron Aviation offers the most suitable solutions for you.

Textron Aviation Options

  • Seating Reconfiguration

    While design and appearance are paramount to a successful cabin modernization endeavor, functionality should remain top of mind. Often, functionality comes to life in the floor plan. As an owner with a good understanding of your aircraft usage, you have the opportunity to work with experienced engineers to adjust the layout of your aircraft. As long as certain federal and engineering specifications are followed, you can change the look and feel of your cabin, while also enhancing usability.

  • Seat Styling

    The small details make a big difference when it comes to your cabin's interior. Decorative, distinctive stitching gives seating a refined, elegant look with contrasting thread, quilted leather inserts, contoured bolsters, accent leather and monograms. Think of the seat as your own work of art as Textron Aviation experts make recommendations on design, tailoring and ergonomics.

  • Galleys

    Evolving and modernizing your aircraft means considering all aspects of flight, including nourishment. Adding specific technological advancements to your galley allows you to use your favorite appliances - including coffee and espresso machines, microwaves and more. Or, if you're someone looking for additional space, a myriad of choices of drawers, cabinets and shelves are available.

  • Connectivity

    Wireless technologies have become indispensable in our personal and business lives. Upgrading wireless connectivity platforms allows you to make the most of your electronic devices while on board. But don't feel as if you need to be up to date on the latest technology yourself. That's what Textron Aviation experts are there for.

  • Cabin Management Systems

    From productivity to entertainment, a cabin management system that allows passengers personalized comfort is a sure way to improve the cabin experience. These systems allow your crew and passengers to adjust various functions, including temperature, lighting and in-flight entertainment.

  • LED Accent Lighting

    Just as you can adjust the layout of your seats and galley, you can also personalize the type of lighting in the cabin. LED lighting options provide versatile and unique accents to your cabin's interior and can be designed to adhere to your specific needs.

  • Aircraft Clean Air (ACA) Units

    Air filtration systems have been on Textron Aviation aircraft for decades, but some owners have shown interest in adding another layer to their health peace of mind. The solution is ACA Units. These units produce ionized molecules that attach themselves to most viral bacterial and fungal pathogens, neutralizing them.

  • A Personal Touch

    From carefully selected pillows that complement the interior design to premium linens that exude comfort and elegance, every detail can be tailored to reflect the owner's taste and style. Textron Aviation designers love the challenge of exceeding the expectations of owners with specific requests.

  • Acoustics

    Customization with Textron Aviation means striking all senses. Owners with specific interest in the acoustics of their aircraft can work with trained engineers to evolve aircraft speaker systems. It's another dimension of comfort and personalization achieved by those who know your aircraft best.

Why should I consider cabin modernization?

There are plenty of reasons for owners to consider evolving their aircraft through cabin modernization.

Making the choice to upgrade not only improves the life of your aircraft, but often can help with resale value if your mission ever requires you to step up in aircraft size. As you can imagine, a modern, functional design with next-gen technology can make your aircraft stand out amongst others.

Consider too the more you fly your aircraft, the more you understand your specific mission requirements. Now that you are an expert in exactly what works best for you, you can adjust your aircraft to match. From connectivity to configuration, designing an aircraft to suit your established needs will render an experience succinctly suited to you.

If you're unsure whether you're ready to evolve, consider this - it's hard to accurately quantify the experience of flying in an aircraft that feels, looks and sounds like you. Whether the passengers on board are clients, colleagues or your loved ones, you know more than anyone that their experience matters. Private aircraft are often revered as time machines, saving you valuable moments money cannot buy. This is how you make each of those moments even better.

What is the next step?

The team at Textron Aviation is both excited and equipped to guide you through the evolution of a cabin modernization process. By working with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), you'll experience a trust and peace of mind you won't find elsewhere. If you're ready, let us know and we'll align you with some of our experts to suit your every need.

Ready to Evolve Your Aircraft?