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Citation: A History

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The Citation® brand of aircraft is the most popular line of business jets in the world. With more than 35 million flight hours – far more than any of its competitors – Citation® branded aircraft allow customers to expand their business reach.


Clyde Cessna set out to offer business travelers an option that was simpler, quieter and less costly than other business jets on the market. Jets weren’t foreign to then-called Cessna Aircraft Company, but business jets were, until the late ‘60’s.

Milt Sills with Fanjet 500

Launched in October 1968 as the Fanjet 500, the new business jet combined the company’s expertise as the market leader in producing single and twin-engine general aviation aircraft and its knowledge of military jets.

The prototype, rechristened Citation® 500, made its first flight September 15, 1969 from the company’s Wichita facility, piloted by Milt Sills and J L LeSueur. Certification was awarded in September 1971.

Following the first Citation®, the company would go on to develop the Citation® II (Bravo), III, VI, VII during the latter part of the 20th century into the early new millennium. Upgrades to avionics and power mark this time in Citation® history as Cessna® jets began to dominate the market. The Citation® Ultra and Encore both saw improvements in Pratt & Whitney® engines until the CitationJet™ changed the game with a new carry-through section, wing and T-tail, which marked the beginning of the coveted CJ series of Citation® jets.

Fanjet 500

The late 1990’s brought the Citation X®, later revealing the X+™ as well as the Citation® Excel™, which would later evolve into the XLS™ and Citation® XLS+™ jet, which is sold to this day. The development of the Mustang® took stepping up into a jet a new experience for many owners and operators, dominating the market for many years. The Cessna® brand jets would later evolve into even larger cabins including the Sovereign® and Sovereign +™ and later leading into the best-selling Citation Latitude® aircraft and the expansion into the super mid-size category with the Citation Longitude® aircraft.

Since the delivery of the first Citation® in 1972, the Citation® brand continues to set the standard in the business jet market. Citation® jets are renowned for their ability to combine reliability, efficiency and comfort with advanced technology and class-leading performance. This unique combination has resulted in a level of unparalleled quality Citation® operators around the globe have come to know and value.


Citation Longitude

A hallmark of the company has always been responding to customer desires for more advanced operational capability and efficiency, and the Cessna® Citation® jet family quickly evolved with larger aircraft, more progressive technology and enhanced cabin comfort and productivity. That spirit of innovation continues today with more advanced design and production processes.

With the world’s most diversified jet portfolio, the Citation® jet family has the power to carry you and your business forward. Customers can choose from a full range of options, each designed to help you meet any challenge you’re facing. Every aircraft is engineered to perform at the highest level of efficiency—all while delivering elevated levels of comfort and added peace of mind.




Cessna Citation M2 Gen2

With a perfect balance of cockpit upgrades and a comfortable cabin, both pilots and passengers can now feel at home in the sky. The newest addition of autothrottles in the flight deck gives you control. Range. Speed. Comfort. Capability. The Cessna® Citation M2® Gen2™ aircraft is everything you’ve been wanting in an entry-level jet.

Perfect for corporate, charter or private use, the Citation M2® Gen2™ jet features enhanced cabin lighting, upgraded cabin technology and a Garmin® G3000® flight deck with touchscreen avionics suited for a single pilot. Two powerful Williams FJ44 engines facilitate a cruising speed of up to 404 knots for serious jet performance. Trips are fast and efficient with exceptional range at 1,550 nm.

The Citation M2® Gen2™ jet goes there. And beyond.


Cessna Citation CJ3+

Enjoy performance that’s powerful, precise and efficient. The Cessna® Citation® CJ3® Gen2™ takes a detailed approach to your success. It’s the perfect combination of range, speed and operating economics supplying you with superior performance in high and hot airports.

The flight deck is designed for single pilot operations with the latest Garmin® G3000® avionics and standard autothrottles to power your passion with confident control.

The cabin fuses luxurious amenities with eco-friendly textiles, thoughtfully chosen for comfort, elegance and to reduce your environmental footprint.

Whether you take a front row seat in the cockpit, or relax in the comfortable cabin, the CJ3® Gen2™ jet is designed for what’s possible.


Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2

If you’re ready for your next achievement, meet our next-generation jet. Expertly designed, exquisitely crafted, the reimagined Cessna® Citation® CJ4® Gen2 jet elevates your travel experience from the moment you step on board. The amenities you’ll discover range from eye-catching to productivity-enhancing with CoolView® skylights, upgraded seating and a wireless cabin management system giving you instant control of lighting, window shades and cabin temperature.

The CJ4® Gen2 jet also delivers the proven performance of its predecessor. The Collins Aerospace® Pro Line 21™ avionics suite allows one pilot to effectively operate the aircraft. Features such as single point refueling, an externally serviceable lavatory and excellent range deliver what crew and cabin passengers have come to expect from a Citation® jet.

At the top of the single-pilot class, this aircraft meets the needs of corporate flight departments and owner-operators alike. With a trusted pedigree and fully reimagined cabin, the CJ4® Gen2 jet can help you pursue your business goals while you enjoy the journey.


Cessna Citation XLS Gen2

The best-selling model of the best-selling brand, the Cessna® Citation Ascend™ aircraft combines transcontinental range and remarkable efficiency in a beautiful midsize jet.

The Citation Ascend™ jet’s first-class cabin offers comfortable room for up to 12 passengers. A spacious interior allows those inside to stand and move about the cabin with ease. The high-quality leather seats are extra wide with full reclining capabilities for optimal comfort.

A flight deck built for now and well into the future with Garmin® G5000® avionics, featuring the latest software and hardware. Rest assured your whole team can fly in comfort and arrive closer to your destination, allowing you to spend less time traveling and more time at the job site or with your customer.


Cessna Citation Latitude

Start with proven Citation® aircraft systems. Add intelligent innovation, class-leading performance, a spacious cabin and standard equipment that steps above midsize expectations. All of this at a price for performance other jets cannot match. The Cessna® Citation Latitude® jet offers a wide, flat floor with a six-foot stand-up cabin at a midsize price. Coupled with a range to take you 2,700 nm, you can fly nonstop with eight passengers from Los Angeles to New York or with four passengers from Geneva to Dubai. There’s a reason it’s the best-selling midsize business jet.

The Citation Latitude® jet is the first aircraft in its class to push the comfort level while keeping you connected. A low cabin altitude keeps you feeling refreshed while the class-leading baggage compartment is spacious enough to accommodate your luggage wherever you’re going, whether for business or pleasure.

Equipped with NextGen-capable, touch-screen Garmin® G5000 avionics, the Citation Latitude® aircraft offers a large cockpit ensuring everyone in the air is at maximum comfort and productivity.


Cessna Citation Longitude

The Cessna® Citation Longitude® aircraft was designed with your business and return on investment in mind: transatlantic range, advanced engineering and an unforgettable cabin experience all come together with the lowest total ownership costs of any super-midsize jet. Simply put: this aircraft delivers the reliability and efficiency you need to maximize the value of every mission. Take control of your most valuable asset and see how far you can go with the Citation Longitude® super-midsize jet.

Comfort is felt it as soon as you step inside: a spacious, flat-floor, six-foot stand up cabin with best-in-class legroom for ultimate comfort. We then developed exclusive soundproofing techniques to design the world’s quietest super-midsize cabin. Whether you’re resting or conducting business, enjoy the peace and quiet needed to make the most of your time in the air. Plus, between the wireless cabin management system that puts you in control of the cabin, and fully integrated autothrottles in the cockpit, the Citation Longitude® jet brings the latest technology to the super-midsize segment.


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