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The Power of 1CALL

1Call call center

Imagine landing in Iceland and discovering a hydraulic brake leak. This is the scenario the crew of a Cessna® Citation® Excel® found themselves in during a ferry flight from the United Kingdom to North Carolina.

Streamlining unscheduled maintenance

Textron Aviation's new 1CALL gives Beechcraft, Citation and Hawker customers a simplified and streamlined process for unscheduled maintenance events.

  • 1CALL provides a single point of contact for Beechcraft, Citation and Hawker customers during unscheduled maintenance events.
  • Beechcraft, Citation and Hawker customers can access the dedicated 1CALL team by dialing +1-316-517-2090 or 1-844-226-9705.
  • Each AOG and unscheduled maintenance event is managed by AOG specialists until confirmation the aircraft has returned to service.
  • Customers calling this dedicated line for unscheduled maintenance events can receive prioritized technical support, order expedited parts, have alternative lift quickly dispatched, or schedule a mobile service unit.
  • With technical support services available 24/7, Textron Aviation’s 1CALL team oversees every step of a maintenance event using visual displays that track all calls, air response aircraft and mobile service units through issue resolution.

Faced with being AOG in the middle of the north Atlantic, the crew made one call – 1CALL, to be exact.

Launched in 2016, 1CALL provides Textron Aviation customers a single point of contact for unscheduled maintenance events. With just one call, the crew of the Citation Excel was able to get a technician dispatched to the aircraft, fix the problem with multiple parts replacements and the get the aircraft back into service, all within 72 hours.

"With 1CALL, Textron Aviation was able to work the problem with succinct, clear outcomes," says Jeff Melang, who manages the operation of the Citation Excel. "They responded immediately to our issue. The follow-up from the technician was on-point and continuous. It gave us that level of confidence. We were highly pleased with the 1CALL solution and with how Textron Aviation quickly pulled together to dispatch to this aircraft."

This aircraft manager was among Textron Aviation's first customers to use 1CALL. The new service provides customers with a single point of contact to prioritize personnel and technical support and dispatch parts and technicians anywhere for Beechcraft®, Citation and Hawker® aircraft.

"The process was very smooth," says Josh Hinrichs, director of sales with this customer. "We called 1CALL. We described the problem and they had someone on site at Keflavik quickly. This was a huge value to us. In our business, time is always the essence. With just one phone call we were able to explain the issue and on the other end we had the expertise to solve the problem. We didn’t have to follow up or call again. It was very proactive."

With 1CALL Textron Aviation customers have immediate access to a team of dedicated maintenance and support experts, including service engineers, the network of 18 company-owned facilities, more than 60 mobile service units and three dedicated support aircraft, and more than 19 million aftermarket and propriety parts in stock, supported 24 hours a day and with 99.6 percent shipped the day of order.

"With other manufacturers it can be a real pain. Most are famous for not returning phone calls. This is the first time I've gotten an immediate response. This idea of one-call-and-forget-it is tremendously efficient. We didn't need to follow up. We weren't fighting to get information.”Jeff Melang

With the power of 1CALL, a dedicated team put into action a customized plan to get this Citation back in the air.

1CALL to keep you flying.