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As one of the world’s most relied upon business aircraft, the Citation® XLS+® jet is renowned for its one-of-a-kind operational advantage: a combination of light jet efficiency with midsize cabin enhancements and spaciousness.

The jet is also recognized for its maintenance efficiency and customer support. From maintenance facilities to parts availability, the service solutions backing the Citation XLS+ jet are designed to bring an added level of convenience to owners and operators.

New maintenance intervals

In 2018, new production Citation XLS+ aircraft began utilizing a revised maintenance interval program designed to reduce aircraft downtime for required scheduled maintenance events.

The previous 12-month, 600-hour schedule is now extended to 12 months or 800 hours, lengthening the time allowed for the completion of inspection documents and other tasks such as engine minor inspections. The new intervals can also be applied to older 560XL models with a Textron Aviation service bulletin.

When compared to the scheduled maintenance requirements of other aircraft in its class, the Citation XLS+ jet allows operators up to at least 200 hours longer before the next scheduled maintenance event.

As part of the new program, tasks found in previous inspection document items were regrouped to eliminate dual intervals. In addition, operators now benefit from standardized inspection documents laid out and numbered similarly across the complete Citation fleet.

“With longer maintenance intervals, the XLS+ now benefits from fewer service interruptions,” said Shaun Julian, Textron Aviation’s XLS+ maintenance engineer. “For the customer, it’s also an advantage that means added utilization in the long run.”

The right parts at the right time

With one of the largest installed fleets in business aviation, Textron Aviation’s parts support for the Citation XLS+ jet goes beyond standard availability, connecting operators with a factory-direct network made up of technicians and parts specialists spread across the globe.

More than 19 million components – including aftermarket selections – are managed and shipped by Textron Aviation worldwide, making it simpler for operators to track down parts.

With straightforward online ordering and most parts in stock shipping the same day, accessing components through direct purchase is simple, fast and convenient. The company’s 18 service centers around the world also function as satellite parts facilities so that no matter the destination, operators have access to Textron Aviation parts ordering and support.